A modern New Zealand neighbourhood designed to provide a place to live that is attractive,  fun, healthy and safe.  A quality development driven by a vision to help Kiwi families move up the home ownership ladder.

What drives us is a desire to create a place which makes it easy to live well;  where we have thought about creating both homes and community. The plan for this community provides an ideal balance between creating private spaces for you to relax with family and friends – and enjoyable places to be with your neighbours. 

Now it’s over to you.

The Vision

The vision of the Waimahia Inlet development partnership is to create a great place to live with quality affordable housing in a healthy and strong community.

Our not-for-profit ethos means we are not just developers; we want a long term relationship with Waimahia Inlet residents to fulfil our vision of placemaking. We want to support a diverse and unique community that offers a flourishing and happy place to live and raise families.

To help make this happen we will partner with the Waimahia Inlet Residents Association to undertake a range of community building activities such as street barbeques and community gardens.  The aim of these activities is  to promote a shared sense of values and  help build a safe, secure and welcoming community . 

Our partnership will provide practical support directly to the Residents Association over the next three years with financial and staff resources to drive community initiatives.  We will continue to play a lead role in the placemaking process for the next five years through making experienced staff available to support the continuing development of the community.


Who we are

The development was created by Tāmaki Makaurau Community Housing. This is a partnership between Ngā Mana Whenua o Tāmaki Makaurau - Tāmaki Collective, New Zealand Housing Foundation, Auckland and Onehunga Hostel Endowment Trust and CORT Community Housing.

The development partnership demonstrates that not-for-profit organisations can operate in a highly professional way and match commercial entities for drive, focus and outcomes. We have brought together a mix of skills and experience to create an organisation that is capable of undertaking this development programme, capable of operating at this scale, capable of delivering outcomes to the Government on time and with prudent stewardship of funds. 

Find out more about our partners below:

Ngā Mana Whenua o Tāmaki Makaurau - Tāmaki Collective 

The Tamaki Collective is an entity comprising 13 mana whenua iwi/hapu of Tamaki Makaurau, including the wider Weymouth area. The Waimahia Inlet development has been initiated by the Collective who support the involvement of the not-for-profit sector to increase the supply of affordable housing in Auckland. 

The Collective is also keen to see a practical expression of their kaitiakitanga in the overall design principles and conditions of the Waimahia Inlet development. 

New Zealand Housing Foundation 

The Housing Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable trust set up to support and grow the community housing sector and provide affordable housing for modest income households. The organization is focused on developing communities and growing strong, safe neighbourhoods. 

The Waimahia Inlet is another opportunity for the Foundation to offer its unique financial programmes to assist families realize their dream of attaining a home of their own. 

The Foundation has had significant experience with developing new residential land across Auckland for over a decade and will be using that expertise to make Waimahia Inlet a great community. 

CORT Community Housing 

CORT Community Housing (Community of Refuge Trust) is a leader in the development and provision of social and affordable housing across greater Auckland. 

CORT Community Housing’s vision statement ‘Good homes for all’ reflects our aim of contributing to meeting a basic human need. Everyone needs a decent place to live, a place they can afford, a place in which they feel secure and a place which they can call home. 

For some people, finding and maintaining that place can be a struggle. CORT’s major focus is to support these people with high housing need by providing quality, safe, affordable and secure rental accommodation, together with the appropriate support services. We work in partnership with families, friends, neighbours, private landlords, community groups, government agencies and supportive businesses. The Waimahia Inlet development is an ideal opportunity to increase their number of homes in a really beautiful location and also be part of a diverse community. 

Auckland and Onehunga Hostels’ Endowment Trust – AOHET 

The Auckland and Onehunga Hostels’ Endowment Trust is an important part of the development partnership. The Trust is administered by the Maori Trustee who is keen to support greater access to home ownership opportunities for Maori especially in the high demand areas of Auckland. 

Through the provision of funds generated from the AOHET and applied in Waimahia Inlet a greater number of Maori families will be able to realize their home ownership aspirations and contribute to a attractive, family focused community. AOHET hopes that this partnership and its development will be a successful model for the future.


The design

We brought in Jasmax to help us plan a unique community.

Jasmax are nationally recognised for their architecture, masterplanning, interior design, landscape architecture, urban design and environmentally-sustainable design. They have provided the blueprint for our unique community in collaboration with Paul Brown Architects for specific house design.


Paul Brown Architects

The houses will be built by respected residential building companies:

Reidy McKenzie Builders

Goodwin Building Services 

Goldsmith Construction



Updated March 2018


The Waimahia Inlet development is sold out now. We are just starting to look at our next project which is located very close to Manukau City. More details available soon.